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The development for this application has stopped. I am too busy at school. Plenty of other applications are available for viewing stats.

Screenshots (some old) -

Change log

  • 0.9.20 – Updated some credit prices and requirements.
  • 0.9.19 – Added pictures of everything into the Armory.  Requirements are getting closer, but still is a lot to find out!
  • 0.9.18 – Updated Left and Right shoulders in the Armory.  Requirements are still unknown for some pieces
  • 0.9.17 – Updated some Armory information. Added all (known) chest pieces + visors.  Requirements for many things are still unknown.
  • 0.9.16 – Removed countdown and halo 3 stats bar.  Sorry no real update here
  • 0.9.15 – Fixed bug with countdown timer where it was off by 1 day.  Added all helmet variants but did not look for the credit values or requirements.
  • 0.9.14 – Added screenshots of Countdown and Boardwalk.  Added some videos to a few maps.
  • 0.9.13 – Added Limited/Legendary Edition Elite Permutation, pictures for Jackal and Gauss hog.  Small graphics bug fix. More Weapon Info.
  • 0.9.12 – Added Engineer to The Covenant, target locator has 2 uses, with a 15 second recharge, + misc fixes.
  • 0.9.11 – Small fixes, Added Move to SD Card support for Android 2.2
  • 0.9.10 – New Corvette Map, Added Countdown for Reach!
  • 0.9.02 - Hopefully fixed a very small network bug.
  • 0.9.01 - Stopped dialogs from leaking when orientation changes.

Awesome Bungie.net Stats news

Something we haven’t talked about is that there will be some sort of developer API.

What does this mean? It means you will most likely see a lot more applications being built for Bungie.net giving users access to their stats and hopefully many other features. While I will be in School and have a heavy schedule, I hope to implement the API Bungie will release; dedicating a lot more features to the social online experience.

29 thoughts on “Halo Reach app for Android

  1. Brutes are not going to be in Halo Reach. I love this app it is great. A suggestion though to make scrolling enabled between each category so you don’t have to press the back button each time you want to goto different content.

  2. Unfortunately Brutes will be making an appearing in Halo Reach. Thanks for the suggestion! Right now I’m working on a few other features but will keep this one in mind.

  3. Just so you know, in the armory those last two shoulder perms are:

    Recon (2,000 cR) and is actually 1,500 cR
    UA/Multi-Threat (5,000 cR) and is actually 2,000 cR

    HP/HALO chest costs 600 cR
    UA/Counter Assault costs 600 cR
    Unknown Chest is called Tactical/LRP and costs 1,000 cR
    Unknown Chest2 is called UA/Base Security[W] and I’m not sure how much it costs.

    Remember kids, leak responsibly.

  4. I was hoping someone would make an app… thanks! Saw you on halo.bungie.org and am downloading now! (Thanks for putting up a QR code for easy downloading, lol.)

    If this app enables me to pull my game/player stats later on it is definitely something I’d pay a $1 for… keep that in mind ;)

  5. That is something I’m really interested in doing. I emailed Microsoft Monday since they own the rights to Halo but have yet to hear back.

  6. It would be nice if you could include the starting ammo and max ammo for each of the weapons.

    Also, you misspelled assault for the Assault Rifle as ‘Assult’.

    Also, also, why is the Mark V[B] Base version 100,000,000 credits?

    Lookin good so far though!

  7. I can’t seem to find it, I’m using a HTC Tatoo. Searched for Halo Reach and used the link in the top of this blog post, no results…

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  9. Do you information on the armor effects i already know what fire does but what about the others? Are they made just to look cool or have some special ability?

  10. hey, i have a copy of IT. and if you’d like i can scan the manual page by page and send you the files. there are no spoilers but having it may aid you in your app.
    no capture card to send pictures of the game or armory tho. . . sorry

  11. There is a lot more, people who have the game have leaked a lot of it on youtube. I really haven’t even looked at most of it, I’m waiting for the game to officially release first.

  12. I would also love the source code. I am in high school and will take AP computer science II next semester. (Thats java) I love the application and would really like to learn from something like this.

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